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Irene's Classes

Irene captures her 26 years experience of dancing, training and teaching, to share her knowledge and techniques directly with you.

Take your dancing and training to a whole new level. Learn to be yourself on the dance floor, with natural body movement and transition to make you feel confident and enjoy every aspect of your dancing.

Learn to dance Salsa On1 or New York Style Salsa On2 with the innovative and revolutionary Danzalifestyle systems. The easier, faster, most complete and natural way to learn to dance.

For a monthly membership you get unlimited access to all Irene’s classes which include:

Music Interpretation, Body Movement, Styling, Shines, Pilates, Spinning Techniques and Partnerwork.

Enjoy new classes every month.

Be Yourself

Learn the principles of ladies styling, how to integrate arm styling with body movement, footwork with exercises to feel in control, how to shine and work with the music, and integrate all techniques together to look natural and confident. Become a great dancer from the comfort of your own home.

Be Unique
Take your salsa to the next level
with Irene Miguel's Online Ladies Styling Training

Preview classes

Experience Irene's unique experience with a selection of videos from her classes.

Principles: Cuban Motion

Irene introduces the Cuban Motion body movement, the most important body movement for all Latin dances.

Arm positions: Sexy Arms

Irene teaches the Sexy Arms position, breaking down each part to ensure you can master the whole movement.

Arm movements: Push and Flick

Irene teaches the Push and Flick arm and hand movement, walking through every part of the movement with you.

Arm movements: Melissa Arms

Irene teaches a variety of arm movements in the classes. In this preview she introduces her Melissa arms movement.

Basic On 1: Travelling Basic

After taking you through each class step-by-step, Irene provides practice time to solidify the moves.

Basic On 2: Basic with Sexy Arms

The basic step is taught both on1 and on2, incorporating a variety of arm styling and body movement.

Partnerwork Footwork: Broken Left Turn

This preview shows an example of the footwork Irene covers to help improve your partnerwork.

Partnerwork Technique: Cuban Motion

This preview covers how to incorporate the Cuban Motion with your partnerwork and styling.

Shoulders Movements with Cuban Motion

Irene walks you through some shoulder exercises, forwards and back movements and incorporating Cuban Motion.

Drills: Suzy Q and Angle Step

Irene teaches one of the Earth elements from her Danzalifestyle System, breaking down each part of the movement.

Shines On 1: Front Double Cross

This preview shows Irene taking you through the practice section for the Front Double Cross On 1 shine.

Shines On 2: Double V Tap

Shines cover On 1 and On 2 styles, and provide integration with arm styling to ensure you feel confident.