Take your salsa to the next level

with Irene Miguel's Online Ladies Styling Training

Discover the ladies styling secrets that only professional dancers know and that other teachers don't share!

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Are you struggling to feel like you really know what you are doing with your styling?

Do you feel messy and out of control?

Unsure what to do with your arms and hands?

Not sure when to even put styling in?

Have you been trying to improve by going to workshops and classes, but with no luck?

If any of these are true, it's time to start your training
with Irene Miguel's Soy Latina Program.

By training with Soy Latina you will:

  • Learn from Irene Miguel herself, one of the world's most renowned Salsa instructors.
  • Learn to dance Salsa On1 and New York Salsa On2 with the innovative and revolutionary Danzalifestyle systems. The easier, faster, most complete and natural way to learn to dance.
  • Develop natural body movement and transitions.
  • Become confident expressing your own style on the dance floor.
  • And finally enjoy every aspect of your dancing without the stress!
your potential
We offer monthly memberships so you can train at your own pace.


Be Yourself

The best dancers spend solitary hours off the dance floor training their body awareness, their musicality, their technique, their focus and their control.

These skills can ONLY be gained with expert instruction and guided practice from a professional dance teacher. It requires:

  • Slow breakdown and clear explanation.
  • Crystal clear demonstration and the opportunity to test and try for yourself.
  • Concepts delivered in simple stages so you can develop and grow at a pace that suits you.
Be unique

The great news: that's PRECISELY what Soy Latina was designed to give you!

This is Ladies Styling like you've never experienced it before.
You'll deepen your skills in:


Cuban Motion is the most important
fundamental skill in Salsa - and
most teachers never even mention it!

Take a look at the first video in
the Cuban Motion lesson to get a taste.

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Learn the arm positions
and how to transition between them.

Integrate your arm styling
with your body movement.

Learn to shape your hands
so they look elegant all the time.


Learn the different variations of the basic step.

Integrate Cuban motion and arm styling to capture that elusive authentic Latina look.


Strengthen your feet and legs with dance-specific exercises that will help you feel more grounded and in control.

Learn the correct footwork patterns for Salsa partnerwork figures and how to style them.


Learn a selection of different shine pattern footwork On 1 and On 2, and how to work with the rhythms within the music.


Learn and practice all the key techniques individually THEN
discover how to blend them together seamlessly so your styling looks natural and effortless.


Discover how to sustain your styling through every step of the dance - even in partnerwork
so you always look poised, polished with that authentic Latina attitude.

These techniques are powerful ... so please shine responsibly!

Start becoming the dancer you've always dreamed of - TODAY!

With our Membership, you get unlimited access to all Irene's classes, which include:

Music Interpretation, Body Movement, Styling, Shines, Pilates, Spinning Techniques and Partnerwork.

And you'll receive new classes every month to continue improving your skills!

Let your
latina out

Choose your Training Plan

Recommended for dancers with crazy schedules or for those who are seeking quick tips and tricks.
6 Monthly
Our most popular plan! For dancers who want to train and see long term benefits.
Save $36.00/year!
Annual Premium
For dancers who are committed to improving their skills and want to excel.
Save $60.00/year!

Still not sure? No problem! We know you'll love it once you start, so we offer a 3-day FREE trial. You'll gain full access to the Soy Latina training program and see for yourself the power of this training technique. Simply pick a subscription and start your free trial.